Fun for your best friend

We are blessed in Lawrence County to have the Mitzi L. Sweet Memorial Dog Park, an amenity usually found in metropolitan areas.

Dog park
A statue stands sentinel at the entrance to the medium/large dog play area. Owners and dogs enter a small gated area where they are unleashed before entering the larger pen.

The park was established to give dogs the opportunity to run and play unleashed, especially those usually confined indoors, kept in small fenced areas, or tethered to chains.

Two chain-link enclosures are set up for small and medium/large dogs. Each has a covered picnic area, waste collection bags, waste receptacles and a water source.

Lawrenceburg’s new Dog Park offers plenty of space for your best friends to run off excess energy.
Owners can relax at covered picnic areas while their pets run and play.

There are some rules: Dogs cannot be aggressive toward people or other dogs. They must be at least four months old and wear identification and proof of current rabies vaccination.

In addition to the play enclosures, the area includes a mulched trail where owners can walk their leashed pets, and a bird feeding area. A volunteer who is also a Master Gardener lent her skills to make the park attractive and welcoming.

A quarter-mile walking trail is available for owners and leashed pets.


The park is open from daylight until one-half hour before dark, seven days a week. It is adjacent to the Lawrenceburg Animal Shelter, and its director, Rene Segraves, drew on previous experience to design the park with dogs and their owners’ enjoyment in mind.

One of many improvements at the local shelter is a fenced lawn and covered seating area where potential owners interact with shelter dogs before adoption.

Mitzi L. Sweet was a Lawrence County native who returned to Lawrenceburg to practice law. Her donations to the animal shelter helped fund many improvements there.

To get to the shelter and dog park, travel west of Lawrenceburg on West Gaines/Highway 64 and turn left onto Skyline Drive. The street forks and the entrance is on the right.

The dog park memorializes Mitzi Sweet, whose donations funded many improvements at the Lawrenceburg Animal Shelter. This bird feeding area honors her dedication to their care, as well, and is a peaceful, relaxing spot for humans, too.