Awash in Autumn

We are blessed in Lawrence County to watch the arrival of another beautiful fall.

Warm weather has lingered, even though the calendar told us autumn began September 23.  A few days have been cool, but the morning of our average frost date, October 15, passed with no trace of iciness.IMG_0324

Science tells us that the increasing length of night is the first signal for trees and shrubs to begin their annual show; sunny days and cool temperatures heighten the color. Whatever the reason, it is a pleasure to watch it progress.IMG_0307

Spots of color are visible in our woods now. The low leaves of sassafras trees are a glossy pop of red against neighboring tree trunks, and locust leaves have turned a pure, buttery yellow. Most trees are just beginning to change, with a tinge of color on their outer leaves that will spread in the days to come.IMG_0338

You cannot get away from the sight of trees in Lawrence County. There are small forests within Lawrenceburg’s city limits and even the largest cultivated fields are surrounded by them. When colors are at their height, you can enjoy them anywhere, but try a drive through David Crockett State Park (where these photos were made); Laurel Hill Wildlife Management Area; or along the Natchez Trace. All are accessible from Highway 64 West.IMG_0313

In this community on the border of Alabama, we are accustomed to Tennessee orange and Alabama crimson competing for attention year-round. But when autumn arrives, every imaginable shade of those colors is plastered against a bright blue sky, stunning us with their unpretentious beauty. Yes, we are blessed in Lawrence County.

Photos by Nancy BrewerIMG_0320


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